Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been doing Mary Kay now for not quite two months. Already I have seen what the company has to offer. Prizes galore! They give away cars, (not just the pink caddy's), jewelry, trips, cash and more! It's amazing what I have seen.

In just two months I have already gotten...a ring, a set of rolling suitcases, a necklace, two pins, two bracelets, various ribbons and did I mention I am making money and having a blast?!?

Holding skin care classes with Mary Kay is a breeze. Before my first one I was extremely nervous, but then I realized that I already literally had the "script" for what I needed to say. Once I got started it was so easy. I realized that night that it was FUN! Finally a way to make money that is fun! If I keep going I will be able to quit my current full time job (J-just O-over B-broke)!!

I have always been into makeup. I am always the first one to go and buy the newest product, the newest colors so this was really a no brainer for me. And for the first time I can recall I have CLEAR skin...WHA?? You heard me, clear skin. 42 years old and I STILL break out. Not since I started using the Mary Kay Timewise line of products. All clear. And people tell me I look like I am about 35. The other day someone thought I was in my early 30's. I was like "GET OUT"! But they were serious. MAN I am loving this!

This past weekend I went to the Mary Kay Career Conference and heard outstanding and motivational speeches from women who are way up in the company. I decided that that is what I want to do. Be a director. I want to make a living with Mary Kay and I want to drive a pink Cadillac. I also got a couple of my prizes listed above and got to walk on stage and get recognition 3 different times! That was just so cool. I have never had a job that does things like that.

So how do you get started in Mary Kay? It cost just $100 for your starter kit that has over $400 worth of full size products in there. Want to know more? Contact me. Let's get you some money, prizes and recognition! or find me on Twitter @lisabarber or Facebook me:

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