Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Am Not A Stalker

Nope, I am not a stalker. I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant. I want to give you a free facial and introduce you to the products that I fell in love with. They are what made me become a consultant. My skin has never been better. I look younger. My face is clearer. It makes me feel great! I just want the same for you. Give it a try. That's all I ask.

The products are high quality. They rank up there with MAC, Lancome, Merle Norman etc but the price is much lower. Heck even Avon has in creased in price. Have you looked at a recent Avon book?

I ACTUALLY had someone go through the trouble of scheduling a facial with me. The first time they cancelled. The second time they didn't. But here's the thing. They gave me bogus directions to their house, didn't answer the phone when I called that was lost AND NOW they have changed their number. REALLY? That's an awful lot of trouble to go through. A simple no thanks in the beginning would be sufficed. I won't be offended. It's not me you are saying no to. You are not interested in the product. No BIGGIE.

I also had a group one time of servers at a local restaurant that seemed really gung-ho about having a facial party with all of them. I tried several times to make it happen and got nothing but a run around. One girl even gave me her number, ASKED me to call her. Then when I did finally get a hold of her she was rude and said she had all the makeup she needed. Excuse me but you asked me to call you!!! SHEESH!

But no, I am NOT A STALKER! I just go to your house after you give me directions and give you (and any friends you want) a FREE facial! You aren't obligated but I promise you will love it!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been doing Mary Kay now for not quite two months. Already I have seen what the company has to offer. Prizes galore! They give away cars, (not just the pink caddy's), jewelry, trips, cash and more! It's amazing what I have seen.

In just two months I have already gotten...a ring, a set of rolling suitcases, a necklace, two pins, two bracelets, various ribbons and did I mention I am making money and having a blast?!?

Holding skin care classes with Mary Kay is a breeze. Before my first one I was extremely nervous, but then I realized that I already literally had the "script" for what I needed to say. Once I got started it was so easy. I realized that night that it was FUN! Finally a way to make money that is fun! If I keep going I will be able to quit my current full time job (J-just O-over B-broke)!!

I have always been into makeup. I am always the first one to go and buy the newest product, the newest colors so this was really a no brainer for me. And for the first time I can recall I have CLEAR skin...WHA?? You heard me, clear skin. 42 years old and I STILL break out. Not since I started using the Mary Kay Timewise line of products. All clear. And people tell me I look like I am about 35. The other day someone thought I was in my early 30's. I was like "GET OUT"! But they were serious. MAN I am loving this!

This past weekend I went to the Mary Kay Career Conference and heard outstanding and motivational speeches from women who are way up in the company. I decided that that is what I want to do. Be a director. I want to make a living with Mary Kay and I want to drive a pink Cadillac. I also got a couple of my prizes listed above and got to walk on stage and get recognition 3 different times! That was just so cool. I have never had a job that does things like that.

So how do you get started in Mary Kay? It cost just $100 for your starter kit that has over $400 worth of full size products in there. Want to know more? Contact me. Let's get you some money, prizes and recognition! or find me on Twitter @lisabarber or Facebook me: